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Jaxon Rosa is a music artist, songwriter, and film director. Known by his music alias Get Jaxon. A multi hyphenate entertainer and media producer.

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The story begins at 9 years old when he discovered his love for piano, guitar, and nerding out on computers. When a neurological and medical diagnosis hit him and sent the family into panic mode, the songs started flowing. Setting up a MIDI recording studio on an old graphite iMac, Jaxon taught himself how to produce. It was second nature, if you’re sad, come up a song about it! It brought Jaxon to a place of ecstasy when his world was crashing down around him. By 16, Jaxon had already written 150+ songs.


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Jaxon like many other aspiring directors picked up a camcorder and started making videos when he was 12 years old. He has since, over the years garnered some recognition for his zany comedies, intense world building, musical films, and his commercial work as well. His shorts have placed him in film festivals around the world as well as influential YouTube videos like “Owen Wilson Cats” and many more oddities. Jaxon is currently in discussions for upcoming projects in film and television.

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